Presentation of Acupuncture Poster @ Harvard Medical School

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Layout 1The Society of Acupuncture Research accepts Poster…

+The following poster supplies information on the effects of acupuncture on veterans with PTSD and how treatment changes the results of the 17-pt. PCL-M questionnaire the military uses to evaluate the severity of Post Traumatic Stress.

The Latest NEWS on AcuDETOX and Prescription Drug ABUSE…

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The Following links offer a recent look into what is happening in the fields of substance abuse treatment (Acudetox) and annual deaths due to the EXPONENTIAL increase of prescription drugs for non-medical use.

The first is the 2014 NADA video contest winner: (features NADA support for addiction and PTSD)


This second link is a follow up video by¬† “Crossroads” CEO Dr. John Hull, regarding annual deaths due to prescription drugs (opiates) for non-medical use:


The Momentum Is Rising!!

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This is just a short note to let everyone know the INCREDIBLE RESPONSE TO THE UPCOMING VETERANS DAY STAND-DOWN!

I am humbled by our profession’s response and the TRUE HEART of ALL OF YOU for getting involved and making this event YOUR OWN by all the emails and inquiries form SO MANY PLACES!!!

As a result of this ongoing energy…I will be placing an ACTIVITY AND RESPONSE WALL up to record the treatments given at the specific “Veteran Acupuncture Treatment Clinics” to honor those who have participated in this most worthy event and to SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!!…

Thanks again and look forward to more soon…..And, as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dr. V

Testimonial from Dennis–Anger and Anxiety Issues Reduced with “Veteran Acupuncture”….

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Dennis continues to have positive results from his ongoing VAc. sessions which he attributes to a renewed organizational ability he found significantly reduced from the effects of PTSD.

Testimonial from Thomas and How VAc. Has Helped Him Walk Without a Cane

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Not only getting relief from the constant need for a cane to walk, Thomas also has found incredible benefit from chronic shoulder and low back pain through having consistent treatments with “Veterans Acupuncture”.